25 Feb 2015

6 Leaders Share the Secrets to SaaS Startup Success - Entrepreneur.com

Aaron Orendorff Entrepreneur.com - Contributor Freelance Copywriter and Content Strategist February 20, 2015   In the introduction to their modern classic The Startup Owner’s Manual, serial entrepreneurs Steven Blank and Bob Dorf describe what they call “the path to success”: What makes some startups successful while others sell off the furniture often

03 Feb 2015

RosterBot makes intramural sports organization easy - Sporting News

RosterBot makes intramural sports organization easy Preston McClellan Contributor @p_mcclellan February 3, 2015 After the glory days of high school and college sports end, many people fill the competitive void through intramural sports like flag football, hockey, basketball, etc. Cities and colleges throughout the country have various systems for recruiting