Based in Vancouver, BC HelpHub.com is a web based tutoring platform available on-line, and soon as a fully interactive iPhone application.

As a disruptive alternative to the traditional “tutor by appointment” model, HelpHub provides on-demand help to students the instant they need it 24/7 anytime, anywhere.

The service connects thousands of students and tutors from schools around the world and provides chat, messaging, video, white boarding, file uploading and more to ensure the best possible experience.

Starting this fall, HelpHub is accelerating its marketing campaign by targeting students, tutors, institutions and channel partners and reinforcing existing relationships.

The service was founded in 2013 by 21 year old Migel Kudry from Caracas, Venezuela, who at the time was studying Business Administration at a Vancouver college. Miguel was recently named to MacLean’s magazine’s Top Under 25 of 2014.