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Paul Reinhart, President, CEO and Director

Paul has been actively investing in Canadian based companies for over 30 years since retiring from a successful professional hockey career which lasted 10 years.

Prior to leaving hockey, Paul had already begun to show a strong interest and ability for investing having created a portfolio of real estate properties. His interests then led him to the public markets where under his investment company, Vanhart Capital, he provides financing, and operation and management services, to start-up and early stage companies.

He initially focused on the mineral exploration industry - Stikine Resources, Kokanee Explorations, Far West Mining (bought by Capstone Mining) - and life sciences/medical devices industry (Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, IMRIS, Enwave) before creating Sora Capital.

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Greg Stanway, Director

An accomplished corporate business leader with over 15 years of progressive senior management experience within the public and private sectors developing and executing strategic programs at an enterprise level. Specializing in solving complex customer facing service challenges by envisioning & creating innovative solutions, fostering positive change, developing supportive business intelligence and operationalizing new processes. Working within companies with annual revenues between $4B and $10B, professional experience includes navigating complex organizational structures to realize persistent and meaningful change in areas including customer care, strategic planning, communications, information technology, community engagement and marketing.

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Larry Timlick, Director

Mr. Timlick has served as VP Western Canada for Avaya  from Sept 2014. He previously  served as the Regional Sales Manager for Arista Networks since November 2011 until Aug 2014. Prior to that, he served as the Territory Manger for Aruba Networks, a private technology company, from August 2009 until February 2011 and as President of Triplet Management from August 2004 until July 2010.  Mr. Timlick currently serves as director of Para Resources Inc., a resource company listed on the TSXV and CounterPath Corporation a leading provider of innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions listed on the TSX and Nasdaq.  From September 2006 until December 2008 he served as a director and the Corporate Secretary of Stage Capital Inc. (now known as Trueclaim Exploration Inc.), a former capital pool company that completed its Qualifying Transaction in December 2008.  Mr. Timlick currently serves as CFO, Corporate Secretary and Director of ELE.

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Justin Blanchet, CFO and Corporate Secretary

Mr. Blanchet is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia and the Illinois Certified Public Accountant Society and brings more than eight years of experience in the areas of financial management, regulatory compliance, tax, treasury and audit. Mr. Blanchet has held a variety of roles, including chief financial officer, for a number of public mineral exploration and development companies. Mr. Blanchet also holds a bachelor of technology in accounting degree from the B.C. Institute of Technology.